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Senior Scheduling Manager, Blaze
A+E Networks UK is looking for an experienced Senior Scheduling Manager

Overseeing a channel scheduler, the Senior Scheduling Manager, BLAZE, is responsible for the programming and scheduling of the largest and fastest growing brand in the UKTV Portfolio: BLAZE. 


Job Introduction

Do you have significant management experience and a record of developing emerging talent

Do you the ability to analyse, interpret and act decisively on audience research data? 

Can you work with a degree of autonomy and be a catalyst for editorial development and commercial growth? Do you have substantial experience with a UK Freeview channel?  

Would you like to work for the company that Broadcast Magazine called “The Best Place to Work in Television, 2018”? If so, then read on…
A+E Networks UK is looking for an experienced Senior Scheduling Manager. Overseeing a channel scheduler, the Senior Scheduling Manager, BLAZE, is responsible for the programming and scheduling of the largest and fastest growing brand in the UKTV Portfolio: BLAZE.   

Launched three years ago, BLAZE has grown exponentially and now generates half the entire portfolio ratings.  With the Head of Scheduling, Male Brands, the Senior Scheduling manager shall be responsible for sustaining and enhancing that growth.

In addition to the day-to-day scheduling of these channel brands, the Senior Scheduling Manager, BLAZE, will be responsible - together with the Head of Scheduling - for devising a compelling and achieveable strategy for the continued growth of the brand in both the linear and non-linear environments. 

The Senior Scheduling Manager will additionally be responsible for liaising with all internal stakeholders – ops, finance, legal, marketing, press and PR, digital and on-air – to ensure the prompt and clear communication of all relevant brand strategies, schedule release and programme priorities.  

In Programming, we recognise that the business is reliant on us to create, source and schedule the most vibrant and entertaining content available for our channel brands, so that they fulfil their potential at all times. 

The Senior Scheduling Manage, BLAZE, is a lynchpin position aimed at ensuring, this, our largest brand continues to develop and grow, year-over-year.
So if this sounds like you, then don’t delay and apply today!

About Us

We are in the business of telling stories. They may be stories about real people or made-up people, but our true talent is imagining, finding, cultivating and bringing to life the most entertaining parts of the human experience.

A+E NETWORKS UK run a family of global TV brands broadcasting in the UK and EMEA. Our channels include History, History2, Lifetime, Crime+Investigation and new free to air channel, BLAZE. We are an ambitious and creative team who strive to build strong brands for our territories, whilst working closely with the Head Office in New York.

Our work environment appeals to self motivated and flexible thinkers who are great collaborators and always strive to discover what is next creatively. We are customer focused and sustain and build a diverse range of programme brands from Vikings and Crimes that Shook Britain to Dance Moms and Britain’s Next Top Model.

A+E Networks UK foster an open and creative approach which is helping us to deliver ground breaking work.

A+E Networks UK is a progressive, friendly and fun place to work. We’re looking for professionals who are motivated and excited by challenge and driven to deliver results. We employ energetic, inspiring individuals who love to innovate and are passionate about the industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with Head of Scheduling and Head of Programming to devise compelling and achievable strategy for the growth of BLAZE;

  • Direct blaze scheduler to input, communicate and maintain commercially sound programme schedules, at all times, and across all required content management systems;

  • Initiate creative solutions to schedule requirements and issues, including innovative use of the programming library to create promotable stunt ideas;

  • Help manage and continually update the roll-out PROGRAMMING plan FOR BLAZE;

  • Develop a strong awareness of audience viewing patterns and behaviours, identifying and reporting risks and opportunities for schedule development AND OPTIMISATION;

  • WITH THE SCHEDULER, BLAZE, Manage programme inventory ensuring best use of runs available;

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of all content currently on blaze and competitors;

  • assess, evaluate and order new genres / titles to assist the continuing development of the brand;

  • Work co-operatively and pro-actively with all other departments and stakeholders across the business to ensure optimal support for BLAZE;

  • Present blaze channel schedules at internal meetings as required;

  • Deputise for the Head of Scheduling when necessary.

Additional duties:                          

  • Provide support for the Head of Scheduling in preparing documents and materials for meetings;

  • Assist with priorities process, as required;

  • liaise with counterparts in other territories within the UKJV;

  • work closely with programme ops and presentation depts;

  • Attend cross-network meetings as required;

  • Be responsible for the communication of any and all significant schedule amendments;

  • Additional ad-hoc tasks as requested by the Head of Scheduling.


Person Specification

You will have:

  • Significant Free-To-Air experience at a UK broadcaster in a scheduling, research or planning function

  • Significant management experience and a record of developing emerging talent

  • A proven track record in delivering growth in the brands for which you have previously worked

  • A proven ability to provide creative and innovative solutions to programming and scheduling issues

  • Significant experience across a range of content management systems (BSS and What's On foremost among them)

  • The ability to analyse, interpret and act decisively on audience research data

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong creative skills, commercial savvy and sound editorial judgement

  • Strong Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills

  • Strong attention to detail and organisation skills

  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, and flexibility to cope with changing priorities.

As a person you will be:

  • Pro-active, self-motivated, dynamic and outgoing

  • Able to work with a degree of autonomy

  • Able to work under pressure

  • A catalyst for editorial development and commercial growth

  • A team player.

Company Values


  • Embrace and anticipate change

  • Invent for tomorrow

  • Challenge the status quo

  • Identify future trends and seize opportunities

  • Be ambitious, don’t be afraid to aim for bigger and better.


  • Commit to your idea and run with it

  • Embrace responsibility

  • Everyone has a voice at all levels in the organisation

  • Be brave, be daring - overcome obstacles

  • Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.


  • Be passionate about your ideas

  • Challenge, collaborate and unite

  • Celebrate everyone’s success

  • Build friendships – we work at our best when we’re in it together.


  • When you love what you do, your enthusiasm is infectious

  • Be proud of our brand and bring it to life

  • Channel your heart and passion into everything you do.


  • Let your personality shine

  • Be honest with yourself and with others

  • Champion differences in people

  • Keep developing your potential.

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