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Engineering Manager
NEP UK is looking for an Engineering Manager to join our technical solutions team for broadcast services! 

The Role


You will assist and devise technical solutions for broadcast services, working in tandem with the Heads of Operations, Sound and Vision, to ensure continuity of services and delivery from across the business.


You will support the Commercial Team to achieve targets and deliver account management to existing and prospective clients.


The role incorporates the management and maintenance of existing business relationships as well as looking for new ways to maximise the growth and development of further business opportunities.


You will be expected to take a proactive approach to developing new sales and revenue generating opportunities, gathering sales information from a network of client contacts that will add to the overall business development process of NEP, converting intelligence from multiple channels into future revenue streams.





  • Generate timely, accurate quotations with suitable margins in response to existing clients and new prospective enquiries; follow-up, discuss and negotiate with clients and prospects to secure new business for all business sectors.
  • Devise budgets and control them in line with revenue and quotations; work with Coordinators to help them understand the remit of the job (not limited to):
    • Discuss operational and budget parameters, imparting all relevant knowledge to help them assist in the control of the costs to ensure the project remains on target; 
    • Review cost reports for completeness and accuracy; 
    • Ensure all costs are accurately captured in the accounting period at the earliest opportunity to accurately reflect the margin;
  • Understand and have awareness of NEP key contract dates, including:
    • Be involved in the development and review of the sales budget;
    • Provide commentary for specific jobs you are responsible for, and commentary on the expected outcome.
  • Make all efforts to attend the bi-weekly commercial meetings either in person, remotely or via a stand-in; be prepared to advise at those meetings on:
    • Business development initiatives;
    • Prospecting;
    • Upselling spare capacity;
    • Adjacent business services.
  • Contribute to the ongoing commercial pipeline and reforecasting of the commercial outlook.
  • Work with all NEP departments to help develop and initiate decision-making tools to help commercial dept. activities, including:
    • Sales quotation tool; 
    • Participate in discussions regarding the sourcing and introduction of an effective CRM system to ensure that we understand and are aware of client interaction and activities for future initiatives to support development and growth;
    • Understand project margins, considering best case v worst case;
    • Understand indicative EBITDA predictions; 
    • Third party sensitivity.
  • Capture of addition / variations and billing details, ensuring that all final quotes are deposited in the central repository, enabling client history audit, pricing audit and assumptions, to be accessed / tracked.
  • Make suggestions and contributions for capital expenditure and facilities equipment that would add value to our clients and delivery, improving NEP financial performance; seek ways to reduce overheads and costs (direct and indirect on all projects).
  • Keep accurate schedules of your work patterns and ensure that information is communicated to Head of Resources. 
  • Collaborate with peers to advise and decide on appropriate equipment, taking into consideration the third-party rental equipment market and its implications for NEP commercial propositions; also understand the elasticity of supply and demand of internal core assets and the impact on their job performance.
  • Participate in historical client account reviews and reactivation.
  • Attendance at trade shows and other sales related activities, as required.


Technical Project and Client Management:

  • Manage, liaise, meet and greet key client stakeholders and representatives, to ensure client satisfaction and future growth. 
  • Establish meetings with clients and forging new and ongoing relationships to build NEP performance and identify new business opportunities.
  • Manage the schedule of the crew and equipment effectively, with support from Coordinator(s) and Dept. Heads, to effectively deliver the show programme to a high technical standard with the highest regard for safety and service.
  • Assist clients with location selection, both technical and editorial, and where applicable liaise with internal Heads of Dept. to align expectations and activities; site survey information and technical requirements.
  • Provide early indication of crew resources, cable schedules and equipment levels to HoD’s; liaise with rigging and logistics, and Cable Stock & Maintenance Manager to ensure requirements are advised at the earliest opportunity to guarantee optional price and availability.
  • Ensure equipment testing and preparation time; 
  • Liaise with third party suppliers such as specialist cameras, scaffolding, hoist and power, ensuring competitive pricing.
  • Contact local authorities and police town planning for parking plans and permits.
  • Provide promptly planning sheets / organisation chart / timeline / equipment requirement orders and schematics / block diagrams / technical drawings, to help team and stakeholders understand the technical requirements.
  • Health & Safety – take ownership for H&S whilst on location for crew, hazard assessment and ensure a safe working environment, adhering to best practices.
  • Method statement / risk assessment in conjunction with H&S Consultant;
  • Gather appropriate H&S paperwork from any sub-contractors and clients;
  • Consider extenuating circumstances and liaise with Head of General Council / HR as appropriate;
  • Continue to reassess risks, undertaking the risk assessment in the environment and ensure all stakeholders and crew are aware of the ramifications.
  • Report breaches of safety or major incidents; complete an accident report and investigation as necessary using the appropriate channels.
  • Check all facilities prior to handover to client or purpose for which it was intended.
  • Conduct a site survey to ensure correct procedures are being followed.
  • Be the primary point of contact and client / production / crew liaison whilst on location. Manage and react to any changes brought on by unforeseen circumstances or changes by the client.
  • Ensure operation runs to plan, time and budget.
  • Ensure the unit is powered and opened in a safe and correct manner.
  • Brief technical team / crew / camera riggers, all staff to ensure they are working towards a common goal.
  • Arrange / agree final invoice amount; upon completion of a job, it is your responsibility to know the overall costs, working in conjunction with the Coordinator(s) and reviewing on a regularly. Finalise with the client and bill/invoice no later than 1 week after the final job event day.

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