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Hire Desk Manager
Focus24 is in search of an experienced Hire Desk Manager to guide an existing team to higher ground.

About Us:

Focus24 is a growing camera services supplier that continues to blossom as a ‘peoples champion’ among camera crew and production.  Through strong reputation we have diligently and patiently assembled a winning team for an exciting future.


Focus24 is now in search of an experienced ‘Hire Desk Manager’ to guide an existing team to higher ground.  Leading by example you will make a key difference in the delivery of the Focus24 philosophy through effective customer development and partnerships to deliver excellence.  

With a proven track record in optimising team performance, you will be dedicated to the continuing development of your subordinates to unleash their full potential to ensure the team is in full harmony.  You will be a leading ambassador of Focus24’s mission statement:


“Focus24 enables creative power through technical mastery, fearless innovation and trusted people”


Core Objectives:

[1]   Attract and maintain film production audience to the Focus24 brand

[2]   Develop new and existing customer relationships that mature into friendships

[3]   Become an extension of Focus24 through your personal brand

Key Responsibilities


[1]    Working with the Hire Desk to optimise quote conversion

[2]    Team performance reviews

[3]    Identify knowledge gaps and coordinate training

[4]    Approving larger discount

[5]    Develop and maintain sound practices, making interventions where necessary

[6]    Oversee team recruitment.



[1]     Input to social media accounts and ensure personal presence with clients

[2]     Tracking P&L on a job by job basis to ensure good business practice

[3]     Customer analysis including identifying and evaluating trends

[4]     Referencing of long form sources such as The Knowledge

[5]     Monitor and report to the Board on KPI performance with commentary.


Relationship Building:

[1]     Attend industry events

[2]     Set visits

[3]     Assist in development of on site events.



[1]     Daily meetings with the MD

[2]     Quoting and handling incoming hires

[3]     Carry out inter-department meetings.


Measures of Success:

[1]  A confident and inspired team that is accountable to you, themselves and the wider company

[2]  Returning customers who ‘feel at home’ and onboarded to the Focus24 family

[3]  An ever growing profile of production.


Non Negotiable Virtues!


You are able to inspire others to conduct themselves in alignment with the Focus24 ethos.  You are a ‘self-starter’ and are able to drive trust between the Bookings team and the quality of our final product.  You understand that ‘everything matters’.


Passion just happens…is non-negotiable.


This starts with loyalty to you.  You can earn the opportunity to progress.  In return we expect utmost dedication to our journey.


You have an appetite to deliver excellence and meet challenges head-on. You prefer to invest time in a quality result.  You will not be afraid to arrange challenge trends and patterns.

Next Step:

For further information on this role please contact us on 02070 336 555 or alternatively email us at