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Deliverables and QC Scheduler

Molinare is continually growing and evolving to ensure we deliver an exceptional post-production experience to our clients. 


In order to deliver efficiency and better utilise our staff, we have created a Deliverables and QC Scheduler role.

Job Purpose


The main purpose of the role is to oversee the management of technical operators' time ensuring they are booked correctly on projects that suit their skillset whilst matching the needs of the business. 

As the Operations Scheduler, you will be responsible for supervising the scheduling and reporting of orders as they come in, assigning tasks to operators and interacting with other departments and clients, with the objective of ensuring work is completed on time. 

The job holder will be the go-to person for deliverable files and will set up workflows and review specs to make sure all is booked correctly and everything that goes out the door is to the required spec.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working with the Operations Management and PPM team to ensure the schedule is optimal and maximise the time available with the operators so they are not underutilized
  • Coordinating key QC and deliverable projects, involving liaising with clients and productions on incoming and outgoing media
  • Ensure the schedule across operations teams  QC, NLE and Deliverables are maintained in a commercial way, flag jobs that are problematic or under/overbooked
  • Key point of contact for the Post Production Managers and collaborate on issues arising in projects and escalating to your line manager where required
  • Support the sales team with quoting for deliverables and advising on technical specifications where required
  • Working alongside Media Manager to make sure kit and storage is utilised and efficient booking of clean up time when required
  • Responsible for the day to day monitoring and scheduling of work orders, assignment of tasks and resources to technical operators and QC operators.

Knowledge and Experience Required:

  • Deep experience with industry-standard scheduling tools preferable
  • Proven experience as a scheduler, account manager or a similar role
  • Capable of decision making and maintaining high performance while working under pressure
  • Experience in scheduling and / or managing resources on a tight deadline
  • Experience with dealing with clients and high pressure situations
  • An understanding of Post Production workflows, QC specifications and common deliverable technical standards.


Salary will be competitive, and commensurate with experience. 

Next Step:

To apply for the role please send your cover letter and CV online, via grapevinejobs.