Creative Editor
The Creative Editor will produce creative ideas and flair across our existing and upcoming channels, lead & mentor a small team of editors in London and Lagos (remotely), and head all aspects of editing, broadcast knowledge, QA/compliance and output.


The role will combine both the management of the team, creative direction, and hands on editorial activity.

This includes:

  • Working with your team in generating and leading creative solutions on the channel
  • Ensuring assets are received or created: still images or video clips for use on websites, social media, and press
  • Make sure broadcast content is received, logged and screened for compliance issues, and then the correct editorial actions are taken to ensure it is ready for TX in a timely fashion.

Additional to this:

  • Creative strategising & creation of graphics solutions, promotional campaigns and insight into shoots/visuals of AMC’s own productions (Red Carpet, Movie Talk, Music Lounge amongst others).
  • Working closely with the Heads of Channels & Directors to respond to and draw up creative briefs for promos on air and beyond
  • Consistently seeking out new exciting ways to present our African content to the consumer with engaging visually competitive promo execution
  • Responsible for general management of assets, equipment (Macs, camera equipment)
  • Technical liaison with our playout partners ensuring files to broadcast are in the correct format, fully uploaded, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.


  • Knowledge of file formats, broadcast standards, versioning
  • Leading creative chats and brainstorming
  • Hands on editing clips, films and programmes to set standards
  • Maintenance and refreshing house promos on channels, keeping design fresh
  • Management of creative assets
  • Working with Social Media department on creative output
  • Ensuring the accuracy of information in all promos on air
  • Setting regular / seasonal promo targets for junior editors team
  • Maintain awareness of competitors and initiate counter strategies to ensure our channels remain competitive, fresh and engaging
  • Stay on top of graphics software developments (e.g., new After Effects updates) and incorporate them where possible into the channels on air
  • Ensure content across all outlets on and off air is refreshed in a timely manner to maximise customer interest, engagement, and repeat visits
  • Knowledge of file types, versions, broadcast standards.
  • Liaising with Advance Broadcast Services, our playout partners with various requests including:
    • Upload of files
    • File format issues
    • On-screen graphics elements
    • Technical insight from their side.

Lagos team:

  • Liaise actively with local Lagos team to ensure they have the visual assets and resources necessary for programmes promotion locally
  • Critiquing and advising on edit drafts before sign off
  • Troubleshooting various tech, edit, and creative issues.



  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Premiere Pro & Encoder
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop
  • Audition.


  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • FCPX Compressor
  • Cinema 4D
  • Handbrake (and other file conversion software.


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